Could a different President have avoided lockdowns

Trump’s swift response to halt flights incoming from China wasn’t followed up well by actions and leadership that would have defrapped the spread of the virus most effectively. The President lacked motivation, as do many others apparently, to combat biological war at a low level effectively. As a former NBC army trainee I believe the… Continue reading Could a different President have avoided lockdowns

Alaskan Cruises and the Passenger Service Vessel Act

I probably would be opposed to loosening the PSVA or the Jones Act because of the potential damage to Americans seeking to operate vessels in a very competitive international shipping environment. One could open a Pandora’s box of international firms operating around the nation including Alaska that might endanger national security and otherwise could serve… Continue reading Alaskan Cruises and the Passenger Service Vessel Act

The 1% may be regard as suzerains

 An empire usually has foreign colonies historically speaking and the United States has none. Except for a brief 20 year period when the United States had the Philippines as a colony as a result of the Spanish-American war, before it gave that nation independence. The U.S.A. never did have colonies nor an emperor or imperial… Continue reading The 1% may be regard as suzerains

Recession and Environment

The world environment is in long-term decline from over-use and abuse. If an economy was ecologically sustainable and well designed to let people work without harming the ecosphere recession would not be a factor in regard to the environment. With the present economic structure that plunders the ecosphere, displaces and edges it toward extirpation the… Continue reading Recession and Environment

An agrarian nation might do ok in the future

One has a few variable parameters such as ‘country’, ‘agrarian’ and ‘survive’ that would allow a hypothetical construction of numerous models including futuristic ones with hyper-modern agriculture- perhaps indoors. One might have an altered demographic or political constituency that would influence the standard of living. If a modern nation was exceptionally productive it might dominate… Continue reading An agrarian nation might do ok in the future

Waiting for Normalcy or Something Like

Millions of Americans not wearing somewhat ineffective masks and Covid 19 reduced to near non-existence would be elements of normality. I suppose there are already millions of Americans not wearing masks who have ignored the admonition to mask up and that too is normal. One of the Kardashians has filed for divorce from the singer… Continue reading Waiting for Normalcy or Something Like

USA and the Hong Kong Human Rights Act

The Chinese government apparently has violated agreements made with Britain concerning the transition of Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule. Those violations concern the end of freedom for the people of Hong Kong insofar as freedom is found within self-government of Democratic forms of government rather than authoritarian rule and Chinese authorities are ending… Continue reading USA and the Hong Kong Human Rights Act

Sometimes Governments need to intervene in a free market

Governments sometimes need to intervene in free markets in order to keep them free from the collusion of super-rich playground bullies and basic hogs of domination that would tilt the field toward themselves. Hogs don’t care about social progress nearly as much as personal power and total control of money (the root of all {or… Continue reading Sometimes Governments need to intervene in a free market

Nahuatal and Cryptocurrency could evolve as the primary languages for the U.S.A.

The U.S.A. might consider installing democracy in the United States before going off half-cocked considering foreign subversion. In a sense the American experiment in democracy has ended with corporatism and people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and other plutocrats being the victors. People can still believe the U.S.A. is a democracy… Continue reading Nahuatal and Cryptocurrency could evolve as the primary languages for the U.S.A.

When moderns want evidence for the existence of God

People are sometimes confused about reality and language in regard to naming points of cosmology, metaphysics, theology and so forth; they have expectations about God and how He should be and expect categories of ‘evidence (things evident) to appear to them. Generally they have no training in formal logic nor in epistemology and would like… Continue reading When moderns want evidence for the existence of God

The cabin was silent (a poem)

The cabin was silentlike the world below sparse treesstriving for growthsomething future   Day escaped from shadowscaptured night like a fugitive from neverbeing anything more than illusionocean sloshed prime reality   Olding human beinglooking about at chains of mortalityso everything changes the neighborhoodwith noise of creative destruction   Flesh multiplying itself in formsmathematically structured processesflowing… Continue reading The cabin was silent (a poem)

Karl Marx- sociologist or philosopher?

Marx studied philosophy- especially Hegelianism like so many others in his era (as well as law) before setting out on his life’s work. Primarily Marx contributed to sociological analysis at which he was quite good, and not so much so at metaphysics or designing an ideal economic system. German idealism of the 19th century had… Continue reading Karl Marx- sociologist or philosopher?

Did anyone continue philosophy like Nietzsche?

I didn’t encounter anyone that wrote much like Nietzsche in reading western philosophy of the 20th century. He wasn’t a popular professor at college with the janitor being about his only regular student attending his class. In my opinion mainstream philosophy went into linguistic and analytic philosophy from Russell and Wittgenstein to Quine, Strawson, and… Continue reading Did anyone continue philosophy like Nietzsche?

These days Republicans are two parties in one

The Republican party seems to independents to have two parties, the Mitch McConnell branch, is that of corporate bimbos agreeable to concentrating wealth, and the other are workers opposed to the immorality of Democrats, illegal alien job and wage displacement and taxes on themselves as working people. The two parties can sometimes form a… Continue reading These days Republicans are two parties in one

NAACP lawsuit against Trump et al

They can sue yet I think their chances of winning aren’t very good. The plaintiffs would need to prove the defendants colluded or acted together for some reason to cause intentional harm to some group in a proximal way, and I think that finding they sought to harm the N.A.A.C.P. or some other racial group… Continue reading NAACP lawsuit against Trump et al

Congress should make a commission to investigate the Covid 19 source and response

During the cold war I took an Army NBC course on defense against nuclear, chemical and biological attacks. Finding out the cause of any kind of vector that harms the troops is usual I would think- the same principle should apply to civilians too. Then again I enjoy the newer Sherlock Holmes movies , so… Continue reading Congress should make a commission to investigate the Covid 19 source and response

The label ‘insurrection’ was pejorative

It is the label of insurrection that was wrongly used. An insurrection is an armed attempt to overthrow the government fundamentally. It is a stage on the road of revolution, and plainly an armed insurrection or revolution wasn’t anything like what did take place. People died by the lethal weapon of a fire extinguisher that… Continue reading The label ‘insurrection’ was pejorative

Writing that vomit scene

 Vomit is an important regurgitating output of mal input. One may induce projectile vomit with a constellation of causality from getting a bad burger from the dumpster to taking chemical remedies for cancer. One should use sincerity in writing on vomit generally, although sarcasm is sometimes appropriate too, such as when comparing select Democrat priorities… Continue reading Writing that vomit scene

The Purpose of a Temporal Life

The existence of the Universe is phenomenal- an expression of God’s will. Matter appears embedded within the Higgs field that apparently unfolded from a ponderable singularity- time and being are bootstrapped occurrences with “sound and fury signifying nothing” besides being in-themselves. Being-in-itself is the purpose of being. Change is an essential quality of being and… Continue reading The Purpose of a Temporal Life

It really wasn’t an insurrection legally speaking

Apparently people don’t know that legal experts have determined that the Capitol Hill mob action wasn’t an insurrection. It just wasn’t a solid threat to the existence of the U.S. Government. Legal experts have said that it wasn’t an insurrection. I posted the federal definition of that above and will repost it here. Insurrection Act of… Continue reading It really wasn’t an insurrection legally speaking

Language might have formed this way

 An association of sound, behavior, object and relation I would guess, persisted in memory. Complexity in rational sound structure compiled. Everett and Chomsky had different ideas about grammar being innate or learned. Listening for hundreds of hours to ravens in the wild in Alaska communicate I tend to believe grammar is learned though in a… Continue reading Language might have formed this way

Private Prisons and Public Schools may be counter-productive

Public schools came into existence because educated citizens were necessary for the good of the state and the public alone was able to step in to the breach to provide them. Today however there are a surplus of educated people and private capital able to operate schools. Public schools actually work against quality education in… Continue reading Private Prisons and Public Schools may be counter-productive

Bouncing about that Iggs field scale (poem)

  The answer to everythingan Iggs fueled emergedembedded in that singularitytop hat spring-loadedan unfolding sombrero divergedfaster-than-light expansionmassless particles slowing downspinning around glued on quarkswelding protocols for three dimensions   Iggs field across empty spaceit was one field of infinitenumbers everywhere fluctuatingin a field matrix of infinite variablesa field of spuds spun nich(e) feeldsempowered force carrying… Continue reading Bouncing about that Iggs field scale (poem)

Senatorial Integrity, the Unibomber, Covid 19 and Ethics

On the question of Lindsay Graham's integrity that someone asked about. One would need to compare him to brother and sister Senators I would guess to make some kind of judgment about his integrity. In my opinion few senators have excellent ideas- that is caused by not knowing any better. They are not, in other… Continue reading Senatorial Integrity, the Unibomber, Covid 19 and Ethics

Could anyone have engineered Covid 19 to hurt Trump and reduce the population?

This question is not in some way a joke as quora minders have said. I don’t know how to phrase it in some more neutral way either. Plainly the appearance of Covid 19 destroyed the President’s economic management and prospects for re-election that appeared likely in spite of the years of Democrat accusations concerning Russia.… Continue reading Could anyone have engineered Covid 19 to hurt Trump and reduce the population?