Hutaree,HuT and Hut Liberation Theology

A special forces axiom is to sew confusion amongst the opposition forces. Conspiracy and collusion theorists that believe the U.S. Government today is a front for an evil Satanic empire seeking corporate dominion over the globe, might see the 9-11 destruction of the world trade towers as such a well executed action that created a new foreign enemy of an appropriate size and nature to increase Satanic globalist power. The recent Federal arrest of the whites-only Hutaree ‘Christian’ militia allegedly for terror planning activity–they are said to have planned to kill a policemen and then plant improvised explosive devices to kill more attending the funeral, has additional aspects of a Federal propaganda scheme to throw terrorist suspicion and profiling away from black Muslims in Detroit and on to white Christians–a happier target group for the black led federal executive branch and justice department.

2010 is an era where the Federal Government has signed off on homosexual marriage in the nation’s District of Columbia, where people write on the Internet asking philosophically if human tissue grown in laboratories with genetic technology if used for food would be cannibalism, in which xeno-transplantation and trans-humanism are points of popular interest. Non-philosophers, and those of low I.Q. also economically challenged may reasonably wonder if the U.S. Government is a sinecure for a clave of wacko, perverted atheistic idiots. Who can say with certainty that it isn’t?

Notably the former mufsidoon administration of President George W. Bush had luck arresting only incompetent black or non-white terrorists in the United States following 9-11. Perhaps the federal branch is somewhat biased after all–and I had previously believed them to be the paragon of truth, justice and the American way. Following the disappointing arrest of blond haired blued eyed Jihad Jane for planning to carry out a terrorist mission against a foreign cartoonist, we are persuaded that the arrest of white terrorists may increase during the remainder of the Obama administration. It is lucky the English Nigerian with pentex in his briefs seeking to orgasm over Detroit aboard an airplane flying in from Britain was not also white, for then pay-back might have been large within a vast right wing conspiracy context (either that or its a vast left-wing conspiracy).

Hizb-ut-Tahrir HuT The HT Group declared ‘a jihad against police’ in Kyrgyzstan in 2006 and was ‘banned’ as a terrorist group

Plainly the problem of the Hut Conspiracy is a consequence of Liberation Hut Theology that ensued the remification of persecution in America in the 1980s. Sarah Palin may not be a remedy to such injustice, yet she is at least from Alaska, and I saw her at church while she was yet the Governor of Alaska…she may be destined for higher office.

The philosopher Ortega y Gasset wrote a prescient book before the great war of Europe named ‘The Revolt of the Masses’–he anticipated that modernization would bring the completion of a revolt of the masses against the ancient regime of aristocrats and concentrated wealth. He was right, and the leaders in the mass wars were rather incompetent approximaters of liberation theory. The remedies to oppression were equal to or greater than the problems–it adds up. The technological revolution in the way of economic living compelled a revolt against the owners of wealth of the former economic system. It was a natural evolution in blood required by then lack of spiritual insight pervasively amongst humanity of the age. They had not yet experienced a second enlightenment of the masses equivalent ton the first with cheap mass literature of a trashy sort.

The hut is a kind of symbol of aboriginal independence. The hut is a simple do-it-yourself home that does not require a mortgage lasting half a lifetime to pay for. The hut is despised by the powers of concentrated wealth that are trans-national mortgage lenders. In the United States the foreign owned portion of rental properties fluctuates to as high as 25% of all properties and may go higher. The hut is the symbol of nationalism and of local political self-determination. The Satanic Government hates the hut and seeks to delete the free-holding ownership of local and personal self-sufficiency.

Patrick Henry and the other founders of the United States were not all hut dwellers to children of the hut. Many of them were hut or cabin dwellers. Abe Lincoln was a son of the aboriginal hut of the Illinois of his day. Many Americans still aspire ton the freedom of the hut and sentiment alloy sympathize a little at least with revolutionaries today fomenting revolution against a Federal government considered to be a brutal pimp for globalism flooding the United States with illegal foreign shock workers and outsourcing jobs to communist China. The hut represents the freedom of aboriginal America against foreign control and subjugation. The new revolt of the masses may comprise a high-tech hut in a national and locally led village or constellation of huts self-reliant as producers of their own electricity, food and books.

Yet the Satanic evil empire of globalism in which the U.S. Government has enshrouded itself like the undead zombies of some science fiction realm of the universe of doom may be more of an incompetent political drift by leaders in a race of greed than a skull and bones Harvard-Yale axis of evil. It might be corrected by less than the traditional ,means of violence or voting the founders provided as exemplary of the American political way of life.

The Huteree terrorist group of Michigan is an example of incompetence at revolutionary method. We know from reading Trotsky something of revolutionary planning. Isaac Deutcher’s History of Trotsky showed his work with Lenin and other Bolsheviki in structuring their war upon the Tsar of Russia–even so it was the German military power that fundamentally enabled their success–they could not have made it non their own at all. The German Army defeat the Russian Army on the eastern front of world war one and sent Lenin in a train from exile to Russia to take assume revolutionary leadership.

The interesting thing about the Michigan Huteree group is its shared goal of killing policemen with the Kyrghiz HuT jiadist group. Such resonance adds fuel to the fire of suspicion that an evil planner is structuring propagandist coups for media consumption to dupe the masses into anti-hut, pro-concentrated wealth 30 year mortgage support that is quite inimical to the interests of the poor and the middle class. If such a Federal global evil-empire policy is in covert actualization, if the herd is being driven into an ideal glass cow palace of control and indebtedness, if homosexual militancy from San Francisco to Boston and Washington D.C. and Admiral Mullins in Afghanistan is an essential tool for the leverage of globalism upon removal of independent hut construction, revolution may be a remedy sought increasingly ahead.

The religious associations of the hut liberation movement may be incidental results of the organizational capacity of ecclesiastical structures applied to political-economic equations and interests in the lack of other organizational remedies suitable for economic war upon wealthy, powerfuel oppressors. Communist and Mohammedanism each have superior revolutionary organizational structure to that of a hierarchical Christianity or corporate hierarchical evil empire.

Such actual revolutions to attain the freedom of the hut would require right targeting of economic infrastructure that would bring down corporate power lines and enable only home powered electricity and fuel to flourish–killing policemen is the least harmful thing that could occur to corporate Satanic powers of globalism for they just hire more. Economic attacks by tearing down power lines, sapping bridges, shooting semi truck tires, pouring sugar in corporate gas tanks–that is the sort of thing that does not occur much because there is little real, present interest in revolt in the United States when the masses are still free to charge things with their federal national debt card.