If Space Were Made of Individual, Discrete Units

The idea of space has been written of by physicists in recent years with new quantafied styles moving beyond Minkowski and Kaluza-Klein criteria, so I thought I would add some non-scientific thoughts of my own on the topic.

 Space has been hypothesized to inflate faster than light briefly in the first fraction of a second of the lifetime of the Universe (a convenient conditional truth time indeed because time is a reciprocal of mass and hence faster than light particles might have had no-time or less and got much expansion done with characteristic voodoo-era super-physics to draw out space-time from a tiny, singular start in no time at all), yet there are more modest ideas about the nature of space and time, such that space is somehow a contiguous yet different phase of whatever energy or mass are-so that there is actually only one substance. Space could be like the air in a soufflé with ‘membranes forming boundaries with highest-energy concentrates-yet of course space might not be like that at all.

Space quanta may be scalable in size. Perhaps they were packed in along with mass and energy in the early universe, although empty nor without content. Maybe they were finite in number in the beginning (perhaps mass and energy are too), and so even if they expand there may be a limit to the increase of overall space contingent on the ability of individual quanta to increase in size.

 Space quanta might be able to expand only in one direction and perhaps remain fixed at that size. Space quanta could be localized dimensional content with or without mass or energy quanta tied in to its topical dimensions.  One wonders if energy or mass is transferred to the space dimensions without creating mass, but instead giving space quanta surface tension or energy for increasing the scale of dimensions-that might have some sort of force associated with their composition.

In spite of the assumptions of space increasing forever or collapsing into a big crunch or a phase transition to restart, it would be interesting if space simply achieved its maximum size one day and suddenly stopped like a running dog stopped abruptly upon reaching the end of its rope. Perhaps the inertial mass of the Universe would create chaos amidst the space Universe and turbulent conditions forming mass space-time structure chaotic reshuffling.