Chicago Sues for Sanctuary Status of Imperialist Lackeys

In order to create their own laws conformal to their own desires several cities in America have declared themselves sanctuaries for law-breaking illegal aliens- presumably excluding members of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Should cities be free to declare themselves sanctuaries from select federal laws?

Chicago in the day of Al Capone could have declared itself a sanctuary city from paying federal taxes and that leading citizen would not have been rudely arrested and deprived of his liberty by the U.S. Government.

This was a tactically excellent move by the Mayor to advance the global plutocratic imperial interests. That is creating sanctuaroes for lawlessness would radically acellerate sedulous disregard for constitutional protections of U.S. citizens inclusive of freedom to be free from illegal labor competion. Chicago is probably stuffed with cheap illegal labor and the party of slavery could not relenquish that any more than the confederacy.

Breaking up the U.S.A. a piece or city at a time with sanctuaries will bring down the rights to of actual citizens so theey can adjust to becoming subjects of the plutocratic global imperium.


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