Democrat Party Ostrich Policy on N. Korea

The Leadership Ostrich Evolution; North Korea Unbound

North Korean communist forces under the direction of the Dictator Kim Jong Un have steadily progressed to develop nuclear weapons, miniaturize them and build ICBMs. North Korea may have as many as twenty nuclear weapons already and is near completing its ICBM system to attack American targets. Democrats and the media prefer the ostrich policy of diplomacy. Let’s consider that.

The ostrich position would declare diplomacy a moderate success if the nuclear issue disappears from the news media for some time even while nuclear weapons and missile upgrades continue in North Korea.

Some believe that if the U.S. sanctioned China and forbidit from having students attend U.S. colleges that could force it to get North Korea to disarm. That policy though diplomacy would itself fail to be enacted as well as ineffective at making North Korea stop building nukes and ICBMs.  Globalists look to China as the golden consumer-producer land of the future.

North Korea has every reason to believe the United States cannot launch a pre-emptive nuclear and conventional strike because it lacks the will. Like a gun as a deterrent to crime, it is only effective if the criminal believes the victim would use it. North Korea knows the United States has not the will to begin a war to end its increase.

Every article about the nuclear development problem in North Korea and the possibilities of war concludes with the information that war must be avoid and diplomacy pursued. Yet Dictator Kim Un has already won that; he can continue to develop nuclear weapons and missiles a he pleases.

So one might consider what a world in two or three years would be like if North Korea continues building nuclear weapons and launchers. It might have 200-300 nuclear weapons and several dozen ICBMs. It is quite possible that former communists look to North Korea as the wedge to rebuild a communist world.

Would U.S. policy change when North Korea has a couple hundred nukes and ICBMs? The ostrich policy would say not at all; it could be ignored because Dictator Kim is a reasonable man. Diplomacy would lead the U.S.A. To expose its throat to a North Korea that could launch whenever it liked or at leas vaporize Japan.

One must wonder what Japan would think of the North Korean nuclear development. Would it be moral to prevent Japan from developing its own counter-nuclear missile force and nukes, or would Americans be uncomfortable with that? How would a nuclear proliferation policy in Asia stabilize or destabilize U.S. influence? Would the U.S.A. seem like a paper twit with missiles and no balls to use them except in retaliation?

If war eventually does occur with North Korea after it has developed a few hundred nukes and missiles U.S. policy makers may wish they had acted to stop the nuclear development earlier, even as a few US. cities are smoldering ruins and world economic leadership has shifted entirely to China.


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