Schools and Increase of Incarceration Since Clinton Era

It might have been useful to point out that historically weapons were not a problem in public schools generally, until fairly recently. With mass school shootings that surged during the Bill Clinton administration parents and others became much more ‘zero-tolerance’ oriented to weapons in schools. School shootings, terrorism, gang-related activities, and mass use of dope made schools dangerous places to be. Then again they  became targets for various sorts of terrorists. Zero tolerance for a broad field of behavior was not unexpected, illogical or unjust.

I completely agree that bad socialization of children from an early age create extreme disadvantages for future students that may lead to crime. A solid family and community life is invaluable in creating a continuum of good instructors, good homes and good students. It is wrong though to think that permissiveness for guns, drugs and thuggery in schools would create better students, adults and send fewer people to jail.

Prisons could be abolished and public corruption rise. The guilty could go unpunished a a few more individuals die- yet that is not the sort of society most people want.

Plainly individuals should not be repressed or treated without equal justice anywhere in the nation. With 92% of U.S. population growth being non-white and white society aging and sedentary the majority of the incarcerated, wild youth are likely to  be non-white. It is not in anyone’s interest to provide wrong explanations of causality for the number of minorities in jail. It is also in everyone’s interests to create a well educated youth and adult population in the U.S.A. that is stable, non-doped up, free-thinking and socially responsible with a good work ethic inclined toward creative, inventive productivity. It is expensive to incarcerate people. One prisoner’s $35,000 annual expense would buy good food via food stamps for a couple dozen people. Crime steals from the hungry too.


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