Could the U.S. Supreme court uphold impeachment of a private citizen?

The Senate's task of trying a private citizen on charges of impeachment as a private citizen seems wrong. True, Donald Trump was POTUS, yet no longer is, and the effort by a partisan faction in a different congress after he has left office is not only vindictive, it is like a vote by Democrats on… Continue reading Could the U.S. Supreme court uphold impeachment of a private citizen?

The Insurrectionists (poem)

  The insurrectionists misunderstood Plato and Aristotletomorrows snowfallthe leader's egothe wrath of the furiesa federal reserve magic money machinein back of the big bank storecorporatism of the rich   The insurrectionists in the woodswith lumber should have in retrospectbuilt a platform with their own planksstructured nationalist ranksindividually free of the call of global atheismthose smug… Continue reading The Insurrectionists (poem)

On conjecture re: possible forms of God

I like the question. One wants to compare the forms of God that are possible to something in the Universe, or something of experience or conjecture; maybe a Platonic form ala' Plotinus' Enneads might help with, or thought as an abstract form of spirit-for-itself. Contemporary metaphysics and the Higgs field provides even more material. Consider… Continue reading On conjecture re: possible forms of God

Banned for two weeks from production

I was banned (temporarily) from another web site- this time. Apparently they want very neutered questions. The one they hated at Quora was apparently this one; 'Should illegal aliens work as corporate censors to allow fair and balanced corporate propaganda?' I was going to ask the following questions today, and will post them here… Continue reading Banned for two weeks from production

Traditionalists, Iconoclasts et al

If its don’t broke don’t fix it is a corollary of traditionalists. There are iconoclasts and Genghis Khans that seek rapid change and Marxists seeking to redistribute wealth to the masses from the oppressive conspirators and collusionists at the top. Anarchists just want change without anything in mind as a destination- they seek just to… Continue reading Traditionalists, Iconoclasts et al

Business Hooked on Stimulus Yet?

The poor have seen little of it- just $2000 over the past year. So much more went to business that already had the inside track on economics. Business has been getting trillions of dollars since the Obama administration almost continuously. I wonder about all of those trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve gave in zero-interest… Continue reading Business Hooked on Stimulus Yet?

Does the U.S. Gov Roll over for Corporate Interests?

The U.S. Government should take some measures to defend democracy and the marketplace of ideas directly. To allow corporations to be the primary social media for citizen political speech is absolutely daft. They concern themselves with writers having neutral opinions undisturbing to their masters. Television studios cost millions of dollars but a few gigs of… Continue reading Does the U.S. Gov Roll over for Corporate Interests?

No; Trump won’t be imprisoned for inciting anything

People have liberally used the word ‘incite’ concerning former President Trump’s roll in the D.C. events of January 6th. No court would be able to convict anyone for inciting a riot much less insurrection on the language Donald Trump used in my opinion. He simply invited his supporters to go to D.C. Of the 100,00… Continue reading No; Trump won’t be imprisoned for inciting anything

On Trumpets Toeing the Biden Agenda

Neutral questions that express no partisanship are difficult to write. Since the anti-evictionists that sought to find a remedy in the capitol weren’t able to, MAGA hats may become collectors items that some will be brave enough to wear in places with non-neutral persons of apposite hate. I am not sure yet if writing hatefully… Continue reading On Trumpets Toeing the Biden Agenda

Corporate Platforms and Free Speech

 Free speech in corporate-owned platforms has all sorts of limits- just like what one says at Susi’s home may be different than what one cay say at the Anarchist Clubhouse. Tolerated speech and free speech seems to be the primary division. The internet apparently is a bunch of corporations plugged in to fiber optic cables,… Continue reading Corporate Platforms and Free Speech

Some immigrants still want to be U.S. citizens though they may feel they aren’t treated right

 American immigrants that arrive legally are treated quite well. The first year earning average is about $7500. (these are approximations) and the second year is $15,000 annually. Those are higher wages than most of the world. Alternatively, illegal migrants subvert the wages of the existing legal workers by providing cheap under the table labor. Supply… Continue reading Some immigrants still want to be U.S. citizens though they may feel they aren’t treated right

Why National Capitols are Ubiquitous

National capitols are perhaps traditional places where a territory or nation could be ruled from. Before the rise of electronic communication or transport machines ruling cities where lived the powerful were accessed by human or horsepower generally. Many cities in drier areas were founded along waterways or confluences of waterways. Farm to market roads and… Continue reading Why National Capitols are Ubiquitous

Republicans lack a J.F.K. four 2024

Probably Donald Trump won’t run again in 2024 except as a spolier. The best chance for Republicans would be a John F Kennedy kind of younger fellow. e should have some comprehension of populism and of interests that are important to independent and poor voters like environmentalism and border security. That candidate should abandon the… Continue reading Republicans lack a J.F.K. four 2024

The Synthesis of Corporatism and Communism

 Hitler’s national socialist economic policy was corporatism. That is why Wall Street is so gleeful about investing with Chinese partners in a Maoist-Leninist NEP policy adapted to the 21st century. Each like to censor individuals with independent ideas. The 1% of corporatism and communism are about power especially when material goods are plentiful and easy… Continue reading The Synthesis of Corporatism and Communism

Adam Smith Didn’t Foresee the Fungal Growth of Corporatism

Corporations weren’t foreseen or existing when Adam Smith wrote ‘The Wealth of Nations’ or by the founders of the U.S.A. in writing the constitution. They have grown in darkness in a manner of speaking, undermining like a vast fungus or sinkhole underground the principles of democracy for individuals equally sovereign more or less. People wrongly… Continue reading Adam Smith Didn’t Foresee the Fungal Growth of Corporatism

The Soviet Union’s evolution to Russia as a template for peaceful national change

I read about leftist radicalism in college. I took a few course on Russian history including one I made for an independent studies course on the History of the Soviet Union. I read about V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Those guys were leftist radicals. Isaac Deutcher’s three books on Trotsky are well worth reading, as… Continue reading The Soviet Union’s evolution to Russia as a template for peaceful national change

When America isn’t America any More

The United States is no longer the United States; it was that before the rise of the broadcast media and the egress of the volatility of disposable thought and lives along the electric avenue. Modern mankind is adrift on an ungrounded political tectonic plate- a different place than the traditional America of the founders day… Continue reading When America isn’t America any More

About California Being More Conservative than any developed Nation

Generally when I catch a bus from the Northwest to Texas or Florida I find some way to avoid going through California. It seems a little bit hostile these days. I believe California is less conservative than Russia, yet I may be mistaken. Is North Korea conservative with a fairly disciplined near starvation regime imposed… Continue reading About California Being More Conservative than any developed Nation

When the Biblical Apocalypse Occurred

Some people believe the great tribulation occurred in the first century a.d. Revelation and the First Century (Preterist Interpretations of the Apocalypse in Early Christianity) by Francis X. Gumerlock (2012-08-02): 9781936577132: Books Jesus said that the prophecies of the end times would be fulfilled before the last of the generation, and they were. For… Continue reading When the Biblical Apocalypse Occurred

In the Grasp of Global Imperialists

The wealthy have insider technical positions to control global wealth and reinject it into their accounts. The vast accumulation of wealth is far more than ordinary people realize working on the clock. Capital increases faster than wages over time so that concentration of capital renders 99% of the people irrelevant economically speaking, except as workers… Continue reading In the Grasp of Global Imperialists

Dog with them in the car (poem)

Dog with them in the Car Well the dwell spacea wave of desertscrashing dry tsunamisever reg whaledcorporate hunterspovertying oceanssalt pillars and acid leachingechoes'verberate freq constructionsspam networks where hamsfly across moon shadowsfell swoops on thermals from mountain slopescardboard box dune buggiesfinding dirt and dustGondwanaland peaches.

Intellectual Capital’s Value

Human beings socially have only their intelligence to make things with if they are lucky enough to have natural capital resources. A paucity of intellectual capital puts people on equal ground with coyotes, sloths and porcupine. It is easy to take for granted the nature of material capital- manufactured and natural, and assume that even… Continue reading Intellectual Capital’s Value

An Answer to “Is Russia Located in Russia”

The Rus were a people, possibly Vikings living around Kiev having travelled the Dneipr River downstream from Belarus. The Dneipr was an historically important waterway for uniting Slavs and Kievian Rus leaders. Their tribal name became eponymous with their political area. Russia of course grew to include Eastern and Western Slavs and numerous other ethnic… Continue reading An Answer to “Is Russia Located in Russia”

Impeachment Is Not the U.S.A.’s Darkest Hour

No; George Washington and the people at Valley Forge experienced slightly more challenging times- they were America even in the midst of their revolt. Events like 9–11 and Pearl Harbor certainly seemed bad. Optimistically one can expect that the worst times are all ahead-not necessarily in the middle of the Biden term of course, yet… Continue reading Impeachment Is Not the U.S.A.’s Darkest Hour